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suicidalvoid's Journal

Suicidal Void
13 October
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  • suicidalvoid@livejournal.com
Exploring the further realms of death. Near Death experiences, Ketamine, other dimensions. I'm obsessed with disconnecting from my body. I'm unhappy here. I wait for death. Until then I'll find ways to get closer.
abortion, acrophobia, agrophobia, amputation, anatomy, art, autoerotica, beastiality, beaten, biting, blood, body modification, body piercing, burn, burnt bodys, burnt hair, cannabalism, castration, charles manson, child abuse, choke, cobwebs, corpses, cremation, crimson, crucifixion, crucify, cruelty, darkness, david berkowits, dead, death, decapitate, decapitation, destruction, deviance, deviation, disection, disembowelment, dismemberment, drag, dried blood, drugs, ed gein, evisceration, fetus, fingernails, fire, flesh wounds, flood, gangrene, gas chamber, general mutilation, girlscouts, gore, gothic, grotesque, guns, guts, hack, hang, hannibal lectar, hard times, hate, hung, i hate myself, imprisonment, industrial, infection, internal organs, jack kevorkian, jack the ripper, jeffrey dahmen, john wayne-gacy, kill, killing, lamentation, life sucks, love, mayhem, mental abuse, metal shavings, midgets, midnight, morbid, murder, mustard gas, mutilation, necrophilia, neurocortex, nightmares, pain, perversion, philosophy, piercing, piercings, poetry, poison, prosthesis, puppies, religion, richard fish, richard ramirez, rodents, sacrifice, satan, scalpels, scarification, science, scratching, self destruction, self mutilation, self-mutilation, serial killer, serial killers, sharp objects, shooting, shot, silence, skulls, slash, sniping, snuff films, snuff porn, sodomy, speculums, spiders, spiderwebs, spinal columns, stab, stiletto heels, stitches, sucide art, suicide, suicide photography, surgery, tattoos, tears, ted bundy, the zodiac killer, torture, vampirism