Suicidal Void (suicidalvoid) wrote,
Suicidal Void

Jack - Off

No more Jack for me. No more ALCOHOL for me. I'll still do crack and other goodies but no more drinking. HA, I now I said this before and I know I sound like I'm crying wolf. Me not drinking? Well about a weekago I had this horrible stomach pain. I felt like something exploded in my stomach, I thought I would surely die. No I did see Jesus. But the pain came anytime I ATE. Just eating. So one weekend I said fuck it and drank some vodka and juice.THE WORST FUCKING PAIN IN MY WHOLE LIFE OVER CAME ME AS I CRINGED, BECAME COLD AND CLAMMY AND VOMITED BLOOD.
I then knew something seriously was wrong.
Well its not the end of life but I have a peptic ulcer. Anything spicy, alchol, or coffe will pretty much put me in pain. So for now I'm off it all.
Going out last night to Miss Kittys showed how fucking bad it is going to be. Boring, annoying people. Thats everyone = INCLUDING YOU!
Without the warm glow of drink, everyone drives the shitfuckingpiss out of me. I loathe humans! Especially bar people and LA people. My choice will be isolation and fear and loathing of society even more. Drink for me was a way to get out and deal with the primal. Now its drugs or nothing.
So don't say hi to me if you see me out, I'm not going to be my happy go lucky drunk self anymore.
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