Suicidal Void (suicidalvoid) wrote,
Suicidal Void

oh shiiiit

I almost forgot this stupid shit that happens to stupid shit.
I was again shopping like I always do at 3am and getting food stuff because all the annoying yuppy gang bangers have to wake up for their 10'o'clocks.
So I get the placet o meself.
I leave drive home and don't notice that car following me. Do note I usually do notice cars following me because i'm paranoid.
So I get out with two bags of groceries and three jawas get out of their suburban. yes they were jawas, they had hoods pulled over their eyes and so forth.
I live in a gangsta neighborhood anyway so I really didn't question it until one jawa yelled at me to 'give me all your money'. I turned to swing at him - and this is so stupid. The weight of my grocery bags, or that i'm really tired, but I fell on my ass. So the Jawa repeateth himself and demands money again....FUCK NO I"M NOT GIVEING YOU MY MONEY. (I really didn't have any) So I got up and pushed him away as I ran for my gate. The two backup jawas didn't follow the the lead turned around and got in his car once my rotweilers started barking. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I should of bough a GLOCK and TAKE care of BUISNESS>
whatever, they were kids and obviously didn't know what they were doing.
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