Suicidal Void (suicidalvoid) wrote,
Suicidal Void

fucking braincells

i'm so fucking fucking fucking tired of reality. i wish i never tried drugs, never did K or acid or coke or la la la, i wish i was simple and stupid and ignorant and materialistic. no i can't exist like this. i go through life in a half alive state, sedated by food, jack, entertainment, dating, and never, NOT ONCE do I really feel alive like I do while on substances. is my sertonin level down? or was I born this way chemically unhappy with it all. everyone drives me insane, stupidity is on an uprise, people still breed, bush still is dictator, fuck! this isn't it. coffee doesn't elevate me anymore. I feel i'm only half-way existing. K has shown me complete happiness and now i feel like doing nothing. i'm only social when i drink. when i'm sober being around ANYONE drive me insane. Its probably LA. People like to talk about themselves. I say nothing. Don't they see this is one-sided? Don't they see it would be a better world without them in it?
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