Suicidal Void (suicidalvoid) wrote,
Suicidal Void

i am released but captive

yesterday I got my license back - i am a legal driver on probabation. i can drive but with no traces of alcohol. Thus I fear I won't be going to many bars with just me. I dread the temptation.
I don't want to repeat this.
Fixed up my car, new battery and other stuff. Its so fucking hot outside. I don't even feeling like driving in this heat, but I must. The LA smog monster is back.

Insomnia again last night, yet when I did dream I dreamed of a presense. It was always there. Like on K. Now occasionally I feel it there, behind me, reading as I'm reading, typing as I'm typing. I feel someone is using my eyes. Am I going crazy (toolate!) or am I being body snatched?
Get out of me!
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